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Change is the only constant.

As a marketing agency, there is ample temptation to switch up ones branding and morph into something new. We have always been very measured with what we’ve done as our branding has evolved, and tried hard to think critically about what directions we want to take. That said, there comes a time when we have to own our shit and admit when maybe that direction wasn’t the right fit.

About four years ago we made the choice to switch our colours to blue, take a softer approach to verbiage, and appeal to a more corporate, “businessy” audience. While there were some benefits to this choice, and it undoubtedly helped us appeal to certain prospective clients, it didn’t represent our values. We were doing ourselves a disservice by not being true to who we were — a digital marketing agency that is unapologetically honest about who we are and what we do.

So, its time for a change. Not only are we going back to our roots, but we are bringing in all the amazing attributes we have learned in the decades we have been at this and incorporating all the awesome our growing team continues to bring to the equation.

Welcome back the edgy, brash, confident, fearless, honest and rebellious voice that is our roots. Welcome anew the fresh, stylish, savvy, youthful, varied, and evolving voice that is our growing team.  We are those people who drop the F bomb in a business meeting and aren’t ashamed we did. We are that ad agency that pushes the envelope of what an audience is comfortable with. We are that group of people who put our money where our mouth is in an effort to fearlessly defend what really matters. We are parents, siblings, spouses, lovers, fighters, artists, free thinkers, misfits, teammates, creatives, sons, daughters, coffee drinkers, box smashers and adventurers.

We’re going to kick some ass, take some names, and get the job done. So, tag along. We promise this is going to be fun.