Email Marketing

We approach every email as an opportunity to strengthen your client relationships.

With stunning design, thoughtful content, and action-driven links we entice your clients to stay up-to-date and engaged with your business. Email marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience



Strengthens client relationships

Keeps your customers informed about promotions, new inventory and more

Nurtures email lists for better quality engagement

Analyzes campaign data to ensure emails go to interested clients

Seamlessly links your social media, POS system, and website

Is an essential component of your end-to-end marketing plan

we offer

Account Setup

We walk you through importing your client list, develop a strategy for reaching your existing clients, and determine how best to expand your reach.

List Building

A strategically placed and personalized call-to-action (CTA) will catch your viewers’ attention and inspire them to join your list. Even starting from scratch, we can build you a robust audience.

Template Development

We design attractive email templates that create continuity in your correspondences and elicit meaningful engagement.

Content Creation

Working in tandem with your team, we establish a strategic content calendar that aligns with your business objectives. By prioritizing actionable information, more click-throughs and sales are achieved.

Performance Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of campaign data provides us with the insight needed to continuously improve client engagement, click-through rates, and sales goals.

Lightspeed and Shopify POS Integration

You can now link your email campaign directly to your POS to track sales and click-throughs, and build email lists at the moment of purchase with Shop Sync.


Boost your SEO, Engagement, & Sales with Custom Content

Boost your SEO, Engagement, & Sales with Custom Content

We are genuinely stoked on every one of our clients, and we love getting up close and personal with their product. There’s a more important reason for getting familiar with a brand than just being excited, though; authentic and original content generates better...

Email Marketing Bridges Every Aspect of Your Digital Presence!

Email Marketing Bridges Every Aspect of Your Digital Presence!

A good email marketing campaign is only possible with a healthy email list. When you collect an email during a sale, it needs to be nurtured like a seed. Emails are often overlooked, but they are an incredibly useful tool in your business’ marketing strategy. Too...

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